Luxury Executive Chauffeur Services For Glasgow And Edinburgh

Choosing a chauffeur service is quite challenging, so here are some tips to help you.

Professional Response

It’s easy to claim to be “professional” but what does it actually mean in practice?

It means that everything from the driver to the office manager, knows what they are about and respects you. It means you experience high levels of competence and are treated well from start to finish.

What you should not get are excuses. When you are promised something, it gets delivered. Whether its a returned phone call or to be picked up on time.

Good timekeeping

I doubt there is anything more important than timekeeping when it comes to a luxury chauffeur service. You don’t want excuses, you want the car sitting there waiting on you 100% of the time.

Timekeeping has to be ingrained in the philosophy of the company. Better still, the company should have a policy that ensures they arrive on time even if they get a puncture or if there is a traffic jam. This is why the executive chauffeur service we provide uses a special time buffer planning system.


Whether you are looking for chauffeur service Glasgow or chauffeur service Edinburgh, CSS is perfectly located in Lanarkshire. The company is based at the intersection of the M8 and M77, making it ideal for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Prestwick and Stirling.

Experience in Chauffeur Service

CSS has been driving for many years professionally. Paul Gibbons, the founder has over twenty years of professional driving behind him.

Yvonne Gibbons is an experienced administrator and office manager, which means that you can be assured of a professional service in the car and in the office.

The Car



You will always find your car to be spotlessly clean, no matter how busy we are. You should never accept less than a spotlessly clean car.

The Driver

Driving as a chauffeur is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to do it well. Drivers need to have infinite patience to cope with the many other poor drivers on the road.

Drivers need to know when to speak to their passenger and when to keep quiet. They need to be able to feel what suits the passenger and accommodate that.

CSS drivers are all hand picked and trained by Paul Gibbons personally, ensuring that our standards are consistent no matter who is driving.

For our regular customers we make a point of familiarising ourselves with your company, so that small talk is possible.

You want to know that the driver will never say anything out of turn or cause offence to your passenger, even inadvertently. Drivers also have to be well spoken and well presented. Intended or otherwise your driver is representing your company. This is why CSS goes to great lengths to ensure that your driver leaves a positive impression, not a negative one.


CSS drivers place passenger safety above everything else. Being a safe driver requires a combination of training, experience and frame of mind.


At CSS we prefer to work with regular clients as this is when we can be of greatest service. We like to see this as an ongoing partnership and will work hard to ensure that we help you achieve your aims by doing what we do, extremely well.

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